+ New Business Development Associates – NBDA

NBDA was founded in 2006. The Singapore office opened in 2007. Core activities of NBDA are:
  1. Courses and training in the field of innovation management. NBDA is a member and licensee of the international PDMA (Product Development and Management Association) organisation, worldwide leaders in innovation management. This organisation developed a certified innovation management course, of which NBDA has a licence. The PDMA course has been further developed and improved by NBDA staff and professionals in the innovation management field. The course is actively marketed in Europe and Asia. New markets for NBDA are China, Turkey and South Africa. In 2012 over 500 participants were trained in New Delhi, India. The training offers consist of the standard NPDP (New Product Development Professional) modules as well as  tailor made modules for companies and government organisations. Of course recent business cases, including real life ones from participants are frequently being used in the training courses.
  2. Consultancy: on innovation (management) and business design. The  Masterclass Associates methode© is frequently used in client sessions. With the help of this innovative method we will come in a  structured way, with help of professional Masters to innovative solutions for corporate issues. Three central focus points: content, cooperation, leadership.
  3. Internationalisation: Because of the strong ties and the vast network that NBDA has build of the last years in Asia, this service has been implemented for European companies looking for new and fast growing markets. NBDA will guide those companies in their search, will if necessary provide business planning and will look for possibilities for subsidies. Bases for the activities in Asia are Singapore (own office) and Hong Kong (associates office). For more information please click here

 Why NBDA?

Offices in Europe and Asia: fast and efficient communications. Short lines: direct at the source. No nonsens: we will communicate immediately what is possible but also what is impossible. Low risk:  Transparent costs structure. Open book policy. If possible we will help you in  subsidy matters.