+ In-company Courses en Masterclasses

De NPD Course can be tailored to your company or organisation. Theory and practice are specifically being tuned to your people and organisation. Participants will bring in their own projects and cases to the course. These projects will be boosted in the course of this training, mostly  over a period of three months.

The projects are also being discussed in a so called MasterClass (MasterClass Associates™ formula)


1. Starting points training
The next starting points are valid for the  ‘innovation in practice’ training:

  • Content is a mixture of theory and practice;
  • Examples are being brought in by participants and trainers;
  • Participants bring their own case – this can be in any stadium;
  • Completion time will be around 3 months ;
  • 3 gatherings per cyclus of 2 days each;
  • NBDA looks after organisation and venue;
  • Number of participants: 6-12.

2. Goals
This training will provide clear and broad insights in methodology and backgrounds of up-to-date professional development of new products, services and processes. All of those insights can be used in practice immediately and will lead to:

  • professionalization of development processes;
  • engagement of structure, methods and professional tools and metrics (e.g. templates) in the NPD  process;
  • insights in the different stages of the NPD process and introduction of  decision moments;
  • increased effectiveness of internal and external cooperation
  • decreased time-to-market
  • lower risk
  • increased organisational spirit (both in project teams and executive level).

3. Programme example

  • Introduction: ‘me, myself and my company’(self prepared introduction of participants)
  • Company and Product Strategy and alignment
  • New Product Process
  • Team, People and organizational issues
  • Market Research
  • Portfolio Management
  • Tools and metrics

+ casework

+ own projects work

+ Masterclass Associates method

Participants will present their own cases/projects to stakeholders within the company. 





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